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Fusion Shrooms Bars are one of the newer entries in the market for psilocybin-infused chocolate bars. They are available for purchase online through our official website. As always, it’s important to remember that the use of psilocybin is subject to local laws and regulations but we have you covered. Ensure to get these from us so you will be covered. Also, the effects of psilocybin can vary greatly depending on the individual and the dosage, so it’s recommended to use caution and start with a low dose if you’re new to it.

Bringing fusion los angeles best laughing gas x fusion

Fusion Laughing gas Chocolate Bar

 laughing gas X Fusion bar also know as laughing gas x fusion or laughing x fusion bar are one of our exclusive new released, Fusion chocolate bars is now in collaboration between fusion bar and laughing gas to come out with the best chocolate bar. These  laughing gas x fusion  is a 6g chocolate bar is creamy and sweet. Similar to other fusion mushroom bars this tremendous fusion laughing gas still packs a punch. The laughing gas fusion bar will leave you tripping for a good while. Our collaboration bars are made with the finest chocolate bars and mushrooms of the highest quality.

Laughing gas x Fusion Packaging

Laughing gas x fusion packaging is quite simple and sleek with our Fusion logo at the top left of the bar. The name of the flavor can be seen at the bottom right of the bar. The back of the shroom chocolate bar has information about the dosing and the unique GR code that can be used to verify the bar.

Ensure to always checkout the package properly before consumption because a lot of replica’s can be found on dhgate. These are being used by people to sell fake fusion shroom bars.

Fusion laughing gas

The Magical World of Magic Mushroom Chocolate: A Journey of Mind and Taste

Inside a lab in Aurora, Colorado, scientists at Fusion Shroom Bar have been trying to figure out a way to replace sugar with mushrooms. Certain mushrooms, the logic goes, can take away bitterness and naturally sweeten foods, like coffee and chocolate.

The startup has most recently engineered a dark chocolate bar (with 8 grams of sugar and 293 calories) that has had about 66% of its sugar replaced with mushrooms, Fusion shroom bar CEO, tells Business Insider.

“Our goal from the start was to make it possible for products to be healthy but also taste great,” he says.

Sugar is usually added to raw chocolate for two purposes: first, to mask the natural bitterness, and second, to sweeten it. The mushroom extract masks chocolate’s bitterness, so the eight grams of sugar that’s added is just for extra sweetness.

When the chocolate hits your tongue, according to fusion magic mushroom bar, the mushroom extract acts as a bitterness shield. The chocolate’s bitter molecules don’t bind with your taste buds, so you don’t perceive them.


They’r made with the highest quality and the most fire chocolate there’s. Fusion chocolate bars has 4g of mushrooms, take it and go on a trip of a lifetime or split it with a friend to share the experience. When buy fusion bars or consuming the bars is best to do so with an empty stomach and if you’re still figuring out your dosage you can start off with 1/2 pieces. Fusion chocolate bars are specially crafted chefs and mycologists. So each piece is flavorful and gives you the perfect high every time you take. Fusion bars makes eating shrooms easy and enjoyable

Trying Fusion Chocolate Bar for the first time

I was skeptical, so I decided to try it. When I opened the package, the 15-piece bar looked like it was covered in a swirly film. The consistency was a little harder than a typical chocolate bar. It also had a lingering aftertaste that I couldn’t quite place (but what I’m guessing is the mushrooms). Other than that, it tasted just as sweet as typical dark chocolate, and nothing like mushrooms. Best I ever had Fusion Mushrooms Chocolate Bar sure to be satisfied.

Exploring the Magical World of Mushroom Chocolate!  because of the hight demand of our product we have have come to understand that we can not be everywhere and at all time. So we have come to a solution to link with small dealers that can best help us with the distributions of our products. Some of the dealers are TOPGRADESHROOMS.COM.   You can always get our best of products at topgradeshrooms online store.

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For the Love of Chocolate: Exploring the World of Chocolate Lovers

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Because of the high and pure content of our products people turn to take fusion bars which is 100% real chocolate instead of synthetic mushrooms. You can take along the fusion shroom bar or laughing gas x fusion bar to any party even to a wedding but you should know you are going to be absolutely mucked after taking the whole Fusion bar, because just after some few minutes of taking one of the Fusion Bars the world goes on fire.

We will never solicit to share the love and reach out to anyone because our Fusion Bars brings love and happiness like non other

                                            FUSION SHROOM BARS

Fusions shroom bars are the best there’s even if we are a new up coming brand the demand and need for our bars [FUSION BARS] are mind blowing . Before the lunch of our brand, there were already top brands chocolate bars like, polkadot bars , one up bars, shroomies bars ,just to name a few, and the are a top brand and their products are top class base on our research. So needed a top class bars in other to redirect the market to ourselves so after count less YEARS, MONTHS, WEEKS, DAYS, HOURS and MINUTES we finally come up with the fusion shroom chocolate bars.

By buying fusion bars online at our website you are sure to have the best qualities products there’s that’s because we maintain the quality of all our bars and even for the large demands of our bars we make sure the clients always have the bars in the best state and in top quality and ensure the clients are always our priority that’s all customers informations and details are always and never to be disclose to any one or anywhere. Order here from our official fusionbarz website and ensure you have the best quality and best price there’s.

Explore the taste

milk user can always start with 1-2 pieces, medium user with 3-4 pieces and Heavy User starts with 5-6 pieces fusion mushroom chocolate bars


Fusion mushroom chocolate bars are the newest mushroom chocolate brand in the market, and from all statistics show our product and demanded more which shows that we are quickly growing popularity, Which is due to the top consistency quality of our products. And even all our products [ bars] are widely demanded there are some of our flavors which and more demanded by customers, best sales flavors

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We are open for investors because of the wide demands of our bars we are planing to grow more in our products numbers and company size so we will be happy if you are interest to invest in out company so as to bring the best of the best still yet to be know by any.

By investing in our company you ensure a 100% interest from your investment and a and a large number of bars anytime needed . If you are interested please get to us for more details and always ensure to order at our official website ,so you get you products in good and to quality.

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