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LAUGHING GAS in other worlds, Nitrous oxide (road name nangs, hippy break, whippets, whippits or cannies) is a gas which can initiate happiness, psychedelic states and unwinding when breathed in. Nitrous oxide is a neurotoxin and extreme use can cause long haul neurological harm.

First kept in the eighteenth hundred years at privileged “laughing gas parties”, the experience was generally restricted to clinical understudies until the late twentieth century while regulations restricting admittance to the gas were relaxed to supply dental specialists and medical clinics. By the 2010s, nitrous oxide had turned into a respectably well known sporting medication in certain nations

Increasing sporting use has turned into a general wellbeing concern globally because of the potential for long haul neurological harm following unreasonable use. Sporting clients are frequently ignorant about the dangers related with over the top use. Ownership of nitrous oxide is lawful in numerous nations, albeit some have condemned providing it for sporting motivations.

Other names

  • Laughing gas
  • sweet air
  • nitrous
  • nos
  • protoxide of nitrogen
  • hyponitrous oxide
  • dinitrogen oxide
  • dinitrogen monoxide

Under US government regulation, ownership of nitrous oxide is legitimate and isn’t dependent upon DEA domain. It is, in any case, controlled by the Food and Medication Organization under the Food Medication and Beauty care products Act. Arraignment is conceivable under its “misbranding” provisos, precluding the deal or dispersion of nitrous oxide with the end goal of human utilization (the sporting medication use market). Given the need of demonstrating the purpose of one or the other purchaser or vender for this situation, however, such arraignments are interesting.

Many states have regulations directing the belonging, deal, and dispersion of nitrous oxide; yet these are typically restricted to either prohibiting conveyance to minors, or to drawing an upper line for how much nitrous oxide that might be sold without a unique permit, as opposed to restricting belonging or circulation totally. In many wards, as at the government level, deal or conveyance with the end goal of human utilization is unlawful. In California, for example, inward breath of nitrous oxide “to cause elation, or to change in any way one’s psychological cycles,” is a criminal offense under its lawbreaker code (Cal. Pen. Code, Sec. 381b). In many wards, little N2O cartridges, used to make whipped cream, can be lawfully bought by anybody. In certain purviews, deals of canned whipped cream utilizing nitrous oxide are restricted to grown-ups

In all US purviews, notwithstanding, dispersion, ownership, and inward breath are legitimate when done under the management and bearing of authorized clinical expert like a doctor or dental specialist.

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Fusion Bars are the ultimate indulgence for the adventurous chocolate lover! Our boutique chocolate bars have been carefully crafted with a unique fusion of high-quality chocolate and pure strains of psilocybin mushrooms. Each bar is a gourmet delight that will transport you to a world of pure bliss and enlightenment. Made with love in Los Angeles. Fusion Bars come in 30 exclusive flavors, each with its own distinct touch consisting of a perfect blend of artistry and science. Experience the euphoria of chocolate and magic mushrooms in every bite. Try the new Laughing Gas x Fusion collab bars!


Dosage Information: 0.3 grams per piece – 12 pieces per bar – 4 grams psilocybin total per bar.
Mild user: start with 1-2 pieces. Medium user: start with 3-4 pieces. Heavy user: start with 5-6 pieces. Please keep this product stored in the refrigerator or a cool, dry place. When consuming, it is best to do so on an empty stomach to experience full effects. If you’re still figuring out tolerance, start off with 1-2 pieces. If there are no effects after an hour, have another.

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Fusion Mushroom bar

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